Wednesday, October 26, 2011

VW to be the Top Automaker Worldwide in 2011?

Estimates are that Volkswagen may become the largest automaker in the world this year, topping General Motors and Toyota. The reason: an increase in sales in emerging markets. VW sales in China alone have increased 20 percent and in India, there has been a 50 percent boost in sales.  The Chinese market is projected to be even larger next year.
All three contenders have seen a decrease in the European market, although Volkswagen’s reduction was a mere 3.3 percent compared with GM and Toyota at 34 percent and 20 percent drops, respectively. Volkswagen sales in the U.S have been strong.
Sales projections are mixed for 2012, but it is anticipated that Volkswagen will stay in the first position, outselling Toyota by 50,000 units. Estimates on sales were obtained from J.D. Power and Associates, HIS Automotive and PwC Autofacts. Source: Bloomberg News October 24, 2011.
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