Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Boo! Is that a VW Bus?

Is this a great Halloween costume or what! Or maybe, just maybe . . .

After making its debut at the Geneva and New York Auto Shows, many Volkswagen enthusiasts are hopeful about the Bulli concept car.  Based on the original Volkswagen Bus/Van designs, anticipation about its future release increased after the Bulli won the 2011 Concept Truck of the Year Award at the tenth annual North American Concept Vehicle of the Year Awards in June.

There are similarities to the hippie-era VW bus such as the two-tone paint, three-person bench seat in the front, and a pronounced VW insignia on the front of the car. But there are some pretty striking differences, too. The concept bus has an electric motor!  It can go up to 186.4 miles on one battery charge, and touch-screen technology is used for entertainment and climate control, in the form of an iPad. There are rumors of other engine models including gasoline, diesel and hybrid options. Strong VW will be sure to give you the latest as we learn more about the future of the Bulli.

In the meantime, share a favorite VW bus story (if you dare)!


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