Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Strong Volkswagen Makes Winterizing Your Car Easy

Winter is fast approaching in Utah, bringing along with it harsh cold temperatures. Before winter arrives, it’s time to make sure your vehicle is in good running order. Strong Volkswagen just kicked off their free winter inspections and they are also offering discounts on scheduled maintenance visits to help you make sure your car is safe and performing well.

Winterizing your care involves several components:

  • Oil: Make sure you have the right oil for cold temperatures.  If it is too thick, your engine is not able to stay lubricated.
  • Battery: Have your battery inspected to insure that the posts and connections are free of corrosion and that it has sufficient water.
  • Wipers: It’s easy to forget the importance of windshield wipers until you really need them. Is it time to replace your blades for the winter?
  • Antifreeze: When you have your car serviced, Strong Volkswagen will check the mixture of your antifreeze and make needed adjustments.
  • Belts and Hoses: No worries here when you have your car serviced at Strong VW.  We check hoses and belts as part of our routine maintenance.
  • Tires: Decreases in temperature have a profound impact on tire pressure. Make sure you check your tire pressure regularly and have your tires inspected for appropriate tread levels. You may even want to consider snow tires.

Right now, Strong Volkswagen is offering a winter special to make sure you have the best tires for the season. When you buy three tires at the regular price, you receive the fourth tire for just $1.00!
You can schedule your service at Strong VW today online. Simply click here.  

We at Strong Volkswagen remain committed to providing superior customer service.  If you haven’t done so yet, join our Face Book community for information, a bit of fun, and to learn about special offers.

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