Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Volkswagen: Showing off at the Detroit Auto Show

The Detroit Auto Show just wrapped up last week and Volkswagen was there. In addition to the new 2012 Beetle, two Beetle concept cars were displayed, the E-Bugster and the Fender Beetle.  Also on display was a hybrid version of the Jetta compact sedan. The E-Bugster and Jetta are highly fuel efficient vehicles, demonstrating Volkswagen’s response for the growing demand for low fuel consumption cars.
The E-Bugster is an all-electric, lithium ion battery run Beetle that is free of emissions. A two-seater with larger wheels than the 2012 Beetle, this car has can move at 114 Horsepower for up to 100 miles!

The hybrid Jetta will go on sale later in 2012 with a turbocharged gasoline engine and electric motor, said to use 20% less fuel.  The new Jetta will get about 45 miles per gallon with plenty of power, going from zero to 60 mph in just over 8 seconds. In Detroit, Volkswagen once again demonstrated the cutting-edge engineering and design technology that propelled them to one of the leading automobile brands in the world. Strong Volkswagen looks forward to offer the new Jetta later this year.


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