Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My 1969 Volkswagen: Remembering the Days

My first car, when I turned 16, was a 1969 baby blue Volkswagen Beetle. Oh what lovely times I had in that car. The poor thing stuck with me as I learned to drive a manual transmission, including crunching gears and faulty starts, but I learned the tricks of releasing the clutch and pressing on the gas pedal like a pro in no time flat. 

That Volkswagen drove well in the snow and the desert.  I took it to the ski slopes, the red rocks of Southern Utah, and to the "big cities" like Salt Lake and Las Vegas – what fun! Skipping classes, friends and I would “drag main” in our little Utah town which took around 10 minutes in heavy traffic.  Or we'd drive along dirt roads in the fields and foothills to look at deer and other wildlife with the radio volume turned up and the windows down. Scared most of them away!

Yes, these are sweet memories I have of that little car.  Back then, gas was $.29 per gallon so I could go a long way on a couple of bucks.   Today's Volkswagen Beetles are mighty fine, too.  My niece has a brand new convertible! How about you? What was your favorite Volkswagen?


  1. Mine was always the Jetta. They are the coolest!

  2. I Love the old camper vans. My buddy in High School owned one. Lots of good memories and killer for camping.


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